Thursday, May 26

It snows silently

but it doesn't rain so,
i should remember last night as one of the heavily rainy nights of my life.

how similar close dears could be to hateable imaginations...

takallom mahrami mikhaahad, amma nist
takallom TaKaLLoM takallom
mahram mahrami MAHRAMi MAHRAMI mikhahad nist nist nist nist nistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistnistNISTNIStnisTNist

last night i was going to write about the "conservation of luck",but it was a rainy night......and such writing couldn't make me feel good.....and rainy!

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