Sunday, February 15

Sun in Aquarius

When Saeedeh was born, the Sun was in the Sign Aquarius, the Rebel, the Genius, or the Exile. Saeedeh 's basic sanity and vitality depend on a constant diet of experiences that many people might consider strange, eccentric, or at least grossly impractical. The key here lies in the realization that every culture, society, and family is inherently conservative, an observation which typically applies even more stringently to sub-cultures -- try being a hippie with a crew-cut, a New Ager who doesn't think "organic is better," or a rapper with the brim of her cap facing forward! Add one more point: for Saeedeh , the experiences that are inherently invigorating and meaningful happen to be ones that are culturally encoded as "a little weird." So: the saner she becomes, the more unusual she will look! It's as simple -- and as complicated -- as that. There is so much potential for questioning and doubting all the "received wisdom" of the world in Saeedeh that she will either trust that path no matter where it leads her -- or wind up releasing that defiant energy in pointless ways: various symbolic rebellions, icy emotional detachment, and general contrariness. Naturally, anyone who is wired to understand her is not going to be someone of a militantly, nervously conventional character! No such person could follow Saeedeh very far down the road of her free-spirited, independent destiny. Find out more with your full-length reading...

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