Friday, November 23

just teeth

Liv: She’s double happy, double sad, double excited, double awake, double needy… well, no, triple needy, actually

Will: I’ve got a criminal mind. Lots of wanting to be bad. See an ass, want to bite it. I just never do.
Sandy: Good. Good. But what you don’t know is there is a straight line from moral to the criminal. And you crossed the moral-criminal divide. Wanting to bite an ass is a moral issue, and then only if the ass belongs to someone who objects to the idea, the criminal would be biting the ass without permission.
Will: You're such a lawyer
Sandy: Yeah
Will: Anyway, then what?
Sandy: Than what what?
Will: You bite the ass, then what?
Sandy: Well, then... they bite yours. It’s the theory. It’s so long since I’ve bitten or been bit. It’s good to talk about that.

Will: Hi, I’m sorry.
Liv: You smell of perfume.
Will: No, I don’t know how I do.
Liv:Nor do I.
Will: I love you.
Liv:Is that an answer?
Will: It’s the truth. What do you need? What do you want ever? I feel as if I’m tapping on a window. You’re somewhere behind the glass, But you can’t hear me. Even when you’re angry like now, it’s like someone a long, long way away from me is angry with me.
Liv: Well, glass is better than ice, which is where we were earlier. Sweden, ice, depression, the high rate of suicide? I never get close to anybody who didn’t want to talk about that. Or free love…

Will: It feels a long long long way, right now, from where it needs to be. I wish we could unsay and unhurt back to wherever that is, and start again.
Liv: And how far back?
Will: I remember you bit me. You were angry with me and you bit me. I don’t remember why.
Liv: I don’t know why either, but I remember I bit you.
Will: You really bit me. And I thought we were very close. We were.
Will: Yeah, but that’s just teeth.

Will: If you could do anything right now, what would it be?
Amira: I have to work, I have to get back.
Will: Oh, come on.
Amira: Let me think, I don’t know, uh… Change everything up until this moment. Uh, not my son, everything else.
Will: I can’t do that for you.
Amira: You didn’t say what could you do. What would I do is what you said, not what you could do.
Will: What could I do?
Amira: Why?... I don’t understand…
Will: I don’t understand, either.
Amira: If I had a magic wand, I don’t know, persuade my son to come to Sarajevo with me, start a new life.

Amira: And you… If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

Amira: Which of us is lying the most?
Will: About what?
Amira: It’s not even the right question. Which of us is lying to themselves the most?
Will: What?
Amira: About this.

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... want to bite it. !

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