Sunday, November 25

Foot Shaking

One of the distractions which may prevent your relaxation while you are trying to sleep at a meeting is a shaking foot in your eye-reach area.
Today I suffered a lot from such a dis-ease which prevented me from sleeping at the conference, so instead of sleeping I had to think and organize my mind about the reasons and processes of foot shaking.

The contagious characteristic of this common dis-ease, makes it as prevalent as the sleepy members of any gathering.

Why foot shaking is contagious?
From the point of etiology, When person A as a foot shaker (the source of the dis-ease in a gathering) prevents the sleep of person B as a bored person who tries to sleep, person B gets nervous and starts to calm down him/herself by foot shaking and as a result becomes the next feet shaker and a probable source of the dis-ease.

From another point of etiology (!), we can analyze person A as a dis-ease spreader.

Why person A continues shaking foot?
1) Person A can stop the action, but A somehow benefits from this action just at the moment and so prefers to continue it as long as the benefits are yielded (which brings the question that which benefits are there in foot shaking?).
2) Person A can not stop the action, since it’s a habit of person A (which brings the question that WHY foot shaking becomes a habit?).

Now we are going to study each of these states:

Which benefits are there in foot shaking?
The reason for any activity is satisfying a kind of need which may bring a kind of joy, or make the continuity of a joy possible in a way. So, is foot shaking enjoyable? I can surely say YES. Whether the foot shaker is aware or not, whether the person does it with conscious or not, surely the person IS enjoying. This enjoyment may be used to soothe something joyless or even harming, or just to make the person high!
In the case of a gathering, the situation could be boring, nerve-racking, stressful or even exciting. When the situation is boring and the person has no way to get rid of it (can not go out, can not sleep, can not stop or change the situation), it becomes nerve-racking which is just the second situation. The person tries to suppress the situation and find a remedy for the damage of it by foot shaking.
Even excitement can be a main cause for foot shaking. Motion is a way to release the additional energy of the body. When the person is sitting on a chair for a while, and there is a source of a kind of excitement (the lecture, the lecturer, or a hot person sitting in neighborhood or in the eye-vision (!), or even the individual’s physiology at that moment), body finds a way to release the high excessive energy which is just foot shaking. Actually, this release of the energy can be considered as the main reason of foot shaking. Since getting bored or nervous or stressful could be other kinds of the energy imbalance of the body.

Why foot shaking becomes a habit?
The answer of this question is just like the answer of this question for any habit: Because the person experiences the situation very frequently.
Which means the person is frequently in one or some or all of the situations mentioned in the previous answer.

I would like to end this lecture with addressing the differences of foot shaking in male and female foot shakers!

Foot shaking in Males:
One of the most common positions of foot shaking in males is moving the thighs in a horizontal plane toward each other and then in the opposite direction, like rubbing or catching SOMETHING and then dropping it!
The other frequent position is shaking the thighs in a vertical plane with the help of paws, which is like pushing SOMETHING and then pulling it back!

Foot shaking in Females:
Females work with the surface of one of their feet. They may tap on the ground or may play the foot around in the air while they have put the playing foot on the other foot! The action causes the tension of the skin from the paw to the very end of the foot!


oscillator said...

اوه ريدينگ تافل بود؟
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SAM said...

For me it was a TOEFL writing test! for you, yeah, it can be a TOEFL reading test!

Actually from the begining it was smelly! The ending part was showy!

راستش چون توی کنفرانس اینطوری حرف می زدن و منم کم حرف زده بودم، اینجا تلافی کردم!

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