Thursday, December 8


It’s necessary to run from crowds of pain, but impossible to just go to nothing

Emptiness is strongly opposite of life….like death…and it is unreachable in a real life….life would never decide to walk in the direction of emptiness…since it needs to move, it should make an alive destination…sometimes it’s just wandering to be continued…and may be to find a destination...but it’s so frustrating and time consuming and it may increase the distance if there could be any …
It’s dreaming of course, with a clear or a vague image…and it’s irresistible in going forward in the life…although not enough for reaching or growing…it must change in to a clear image

Some aspects of the soul should be characterized right in the childhood…may be “late” or “wrong” here means “never”.
It should be The first step of the child to learn how to be an actor….life should be played…if no, you have accepted to be a plaything…and that’s a big difference for whole life…after learning to be an actor it should be learnt “how to play”, instead of learning “how to bear the play and go on”…

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