Friday, December 9

why in English?

It’s easy to write your thoughts in your native language. We get used to writing in special formats with special words and even with the same concepts; without noticing that we are repeating.
Our mind has a tendency to repeat its products…to improve them…to dive in their oceans…Specially when the concepts are complicated and remain unsolved in its attempts for understanding...just like a good student that one day face a very difficult exam…failing in an exam is less important than facing your inability in solving a problem…the student would struggle to find the solution…this mind would not forget the problem…
To avoid wrong struggles one should return back and trace the ways frequently…thinking in a foreign language, makes it easier to trace your mind, since it decreases the speed of growth of thoughts!!!! ( Specially when you are a beginner in using that language)….
You may improve or stop thinking about a subject…
Besides it helps you to talk briefly and effectively…
And it’s a kind of fresh activity for mind…

A very simple common poem in a foreign language, excites the mind to think and find it, so mind can feel it better, I wanted to make the readers think and feel me better!
Quality is better than quantity….

Recently I’ve decided to have my farsi thoughts written too! Because of two reasons:
in the sudden creation of feelings, they are not English…I want them to be written as soon as they get born…without the delay of a translation or a process of tracing!!!!
And it’s difficult for some friends to understand me in a foreign language…perhaps because of my weak English writing skills…so sometimes I would write both in English and farsi.
I hope it doesn’t make me forget writing!


VARAM said...

be ghole french ha " tres bien!

VARAM said...

be ghole english ha: very nice!