Friday, December 2


Deep shiny love of your eyes would never come to glance in the dark light of lamps and flashes
Deep strong movement of your memories would just get stronger in the blowing of events and time
Deep silent need of your voice would never get satisfied with the rhythm of all dreams and musics
Deep sadness of your life has fallen to the rivers of my eyes
Rivers has become waterfalls … waterfalls are falling to the rivers of my heart

I’m certain that I’ve lost you…I’ve lost you as a part of my body, my soul…I’ve lost the roots of my existence, in a desert, unblossomed… I’ve never drunk you as much as I needed, and I can’t anymore
Nothing could fill the emptiness you have left in my soul … Attaching to my existence, sharing with other existences, nothing could fill the empty existence of your absence

Although … you are

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