Tuesday, May 9

blind fold

روزها فکر زمان سلسله حادثه را
روی اندام تراونده خود می چیند
و سرانجام کسی
روی یک قطره حکاکی وقت
قامت حادثه را می بیند
و سرانجام کسی
می بیند

Accidents that happen and certain things that don’t happen, surprise me… it’s the failure of statistics when most of the time, the least likelihood happens…. which makes me respect the game of life and feel calm….

And if you know the rules of this game and get used to them, you would know exactly when and where, which events would or would not happen ….

If you know, you can run your life blind fold

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NargeS said...

If you know every things, you afraid to run life blind fold...


If someone can see, Be alive and wait to happen life in darkness...