Thursday, July 14


“love is a miracle”,
but “the sense of closure” would not expire.

Life of some people is like a flat board: You can put every thing in it and take it away at every time. There could be no evidence that if it is a correct positioning or not….
Even there is no right positioning…. You can begin from a point and make any picture that you want……….(if you just know the borders)

But for some people it is a little more complicated…’s a puzzle… it has been somehow designed before every event. It has a structure… what ever it gets more similar to a complicated puzzle it gets more vague for any consideration…..cause in a case, you see something is fitting to some where, but you have not any knowledge about the whole picture to know if it is exactly the right place or not. Since it fits, the mind would prefer to think that it is the right piece for the right place but with a usual doubt in it. So you would think that you are making something…that it is making a process…you would be hopeful where you may completely wrong…….
After a few such mistakes you would learn that you should not be sure any more…. And there the real problem of these lives would happen: they always think about the degree of uncertainty of their choices…..and it may come that they could not make any choice any more…. They stop accepting the pieces,

accepting fitness,
and believing….

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