Tuesday, July 12


Some times I don’t write because I can’t, but some times because I don’t want my thoughts or feelings to be written, to be worded, to be phrazed, to be memorable….
Last days I was not sure I could write if I wanted to, …but today I’m sure I can write, and I’m sure I don’t want to.
I don’t need any advice or sympathy, so I’m not going to write any story here at all…. I have many stories to be written…..
Writing is always a therapeutic way to overcome feelings…. To see them in the contrast of created sentences, used words, their effectiveness, logic power, or strength.
And what is the Logic Power of feelings seen in the sentences? Confusing!!! Right??? That’s a new issue…… I will discuss later….

One may get closer to my feelings with these words:
Anger, pride, closure, vanity, conscious, confidence, love

There was a game we used to play sometimes inspired from making a sentence with a word that was our homework in the school …. Making proses with some words ….


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