Sunday, April 9


I’m not open minded, but uncontrollable minded, may be! Most of the thoughts of my mind are not interesting for me at all, but my hungry mind has bitten them and then they’ve entered in its mouth, and that’s the beginning of an unending process of chewing (analyzing)!
And I feel like (a cow chewing the cud) an illiterate person faced with the problems of Newton’s classical rules! And hanged on with new possible theories!
Who can really claim understanding of “the theories of relativity”??

The truth of the rules is not important for most of people. The only important thing for them is that if those rules work well for them or not! As the rules of Newton for classical situations…. If the rules work, so why do they need, or why should they accept any new theories?
It’s hard having a scientific nature and living in this complex system of people, behaviors, senses, believes and needs….

The way my mind works, reminds me of that silly boy in the “Marmulak” who used to ask questions about strange situations!


mehraiin said...

ooooooooo....... one thing that i believe it is that we can't understand a lot of things in the world....we must be patient and trusted in God....I'm sure that one day we can understand...but When?I don't know....Be careful of your mind and everything that eat...

SAM said...

No matter you believe in GOD or not, you need to decide yourself... knowledge sometimes makes the decisions easier and sometimes more difficult.... any ways, you have to know, this is the difference between human being with other creatures