Thursday, March 9


"I feel your fragility"

A car accident at the third minute of the movie, is the cross point of three stories of three different kinds of love and life. A dog helps each love to progress…

The first, and the most sweet love, is the love of Octavio for Susana. Susana is Octavio’s sister-in-law. Her husband who sometimes does rubbery besides his work, treats her like a domestic animal, cruel and needily,… and Octavio with an old secret love in his heart for Susana, can’t tolerate it…. He is a kind friend for lonely Susana and her little child,… until the second pregnancy of Susana when Susana wants an abortion, since she may decide to leave her husband….Octavio asks Susana to have the baby and leave with him,…shocked Susana couldn’t accept…. He fights his dog and earns money to buy some stuff for Susana’s baby, and to save for a new life with her…. Octavio’s innocent dreams and hopes and plans are coming true with the successively fights of his dog. But Susana just accepts the money,…it seems when the husband cheats to Susana(neither Susana nor Octavio know about it), Octavio finally finds the chance to release his feelings on her body to make her believe in his love…. Octavio sends some men to hit and threat and frighten the husband from showing off…. Husband’s missing is Octavio’s aim, but husband comes back and takes Susana to run away…. At the final fight of the dog, which was going to be the final fight before the lovers leaving, Octavio’s rival shoots the dog and Octavio wounds the rival and runs away with the wounded dog….the car accident….

I can’t forget Octavio’s eyes in none of the scenes…..determined and astonished in their look to love….

(To be continued)

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