Monday, January 16


Child of the wilderness
Born into emptiness
Learn to be lonely
Learn to find your way in darkness

Who will be there for you
Comfort and care for you
Learn to be lonely
Learn to be your one companion

Never dreamed out in the world
There are arms to hold you
You’ve always known your heart was on its own

So laugh in your loneliness
Child of the wilderness
Learn to Be lonely
Learn how to love life that is lived alone
Learn to be lonely
Life can be lived life can be loved alone


VARAM said...

Oh, it was good, kind of good...not a poem but still impressin' to some extent, by the way, is that you?

SAM said...

written in blue!....

"learn to be lonely" is one of several beautiful lyrics of "the phantom of the Opera"...a movie directed by Joel Schumacher...starring of Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum...

maryam said...

fekr kardam in mazmoon ghashangtare:
dar abaade in asre khamoosh
man az taame tasnif dar matne edrake yek kooche tanha taram...
bia ta barayat begooyam che andaze tanhayie man bozorg ast
va tanhayie man
shabikhoone hajme to ra pish bini nemikard
va khasiate eshgh in ast.....

so pray for your lonliness
child of the kindness

SAM said...

this is the difference between us...8 years.....

VARAM said...

u did not answer my that you?

SAM said...

which one? child of ...???
no difference...everyone should try to "learn to be lonely"