Sunday, January 22


Totally ridiculous
I was going to stop writing with no enthusiasm, and I would, except this time!

As every one may know, my results on that silly project were all distorted and refused…. I’ve never accepted them too, but I could justify all of them by some reasons which included “problems of the modality and algorithms and necessity of corrections”,…
and based on these suggestions, I had concluded some individual results!
No body even tried to listen to my conclusion!!!
And now I’m translating a book which has explained my conclusion in such a detail that I was never permitted to tell….

I’m glad -of course- of finding such a perfect document for proving my ideas
Ridiculous point is that I think:
How long would we rely on the name and the fame of the speaker?
How long would we continue to repeat nonsense great words without understanding true dear words that we could hear?
How long would we bow respectfully for the strangers, and never to our neighbors?
How long would we appreciate our sillyself-center nature?

Or just one question: what could stop us to change? (to change to a better thing! not to get worse!)

Or another question: how may someone that hasn’t the talent of understanding, find the ability of understanding?!

Or a final question: is it possible to change?

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