Thursday, January 26


I love it singing at the beginning of the “Lion KingII”:
(S)He lives in you
(S)He lives in me
(S)He watches over
Everything we see
In to the water
In to the truth
In your affection
(S)He lives in you
(S)He lives in me

Happy birthday it was
I don’t know why and how
An strong feeling absorbs and radiates the life….at night dreaming of the first love talking about happiness, and at the morning, waking up with the sound of raining …. Yes, happy birthday it was and I know it was a gift, since I have nothing to be happy... but I am……

ماجرای من و معشوق مرا پایان نیست
هر چه آغاز ندارد نپذیرد انجام

Thanx to all dear friends who made the day lovelier with their lovely messages

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VARAM said...

u're welcome