Friday, July 13


There seem to be a kind of problem in sexual life of James Ballard and his wife, Catherine Ballard that each one of them seeks other experiences, though they still live and have sex together and even love each other.
James has a heavy car crash, which leads to death of the other driver. James and Helen, wife of the other driver, both badly injured from the accident, meet in the hospital. After returning to normal life, they have the same feelings for example about traffic. James tries a new life with driving a new car which is just the same as previous wrecked car. Feeling energy in driving, he makes love with Helen in his new car after giving her a lift. Through Helen, James meets Vaughan and his friends who are a group of car crash victims. Vaughan is sexually attracted in car crashes and their victims and their relations and works on a strange project about them all. Vaughan thinks of a car crash as a release of driver’s sexual energy.
James has got interested in his project and so has his wife Catherine. Catherine seems to be absorbed by Vaughan’s sexual energy. While James is driving Vaughan’s car, they go to a carwash. At the back seat of the car, Catherine invites Vaughan to her body. She gets badly wounded by his violent sex action. . . At home, James kisses every wound of Catherine’s body lovingly.
In the development process of the project, James does tattoos which Vaughan has designed for him. Then they also have sex in Vaughan’s car.
Vaughan has hit Catherine’s car in the parking, which James defines as a suitor’s action.
Next day, Vaughan chases Ballard’s car which leads to his accident and death: Car Crash of Vaughan!
Helen and her friend find Vaughan’s car and sleep together at its backseat.
James takes Vaughan’s car and chases Catherine’s car. Catherine unfastens her belt in order to accept his probable car crash or sexual action. Finally her car gets out of the road and turns over. She is injured, though not as much as her need. May be the next one…

James: Where were you?
Ctherine: In a private aircraft hangar.
Anyone could’ve walked in.
James: Did you come?
Ctherine: No
What about your camera girl? Did she come?
James: We were interrupted.
I had to go back to the set.
Ctherine: Poor darling.
May be the next one.
May be the next one.

James: Do you live here with Seagrave?
Vaughan: No, I live in my car. This is my workshop.
James: What exactly is your project, Vaughan? Book of car crashes? Medical study? Sensational documentary? Global traffic?
Vaughan: It’s something we are all intimately involved in: The reshaping of human body by modern technology.

Catherine: He must have fucked a lot of women in that huge car of his. It’s like a bed on wheels. It must smell of semen.
James: It does.
Catherine: Do you find him attractive?
James: He’s very pale, Covered with scars.
Catherine: Would you like to fuck him, though…in that car?
James: No. But…But when he’s in that car…
Catherine: Have you seen his penis?
James: I think it’s badly scarred…from a motorcycle accident.
Catherine: Is he circumcised? Can you imagine what his anus looks like? Describe it to me. Would you like to sodomize him? Would you like to put your penis right into his anus? Just thrust it up his anus? Tell me. Describe it to me. Tell me what you would do. Could you just kiss him in that car? Describe how you reach over. Unzip his greasy jeans. Take out his penis. Would you kiss it or suck it right away? Which hand would you…hold it in? Have you ever sucked a penis? Do you know what semen tastes like? Have you ever tasted semen? Some semen is saltier than others. Vaughan’s semen must be very salty.

James: Finish your story.
Helen: The junior pathologist at Ashford Hospital. Then the husband of a colleague of mine. Then hmm, a trainee radiologist. Then the service manager at my garage.
James: You had sex with all those men in cars? Only in cars?
Helen: Yes. I didn’t plan it that way.
James: Did you fantasize that Vaughan was photographing all these sex acts as though they were traffic accidents?
Helen: Yes. They felt like traffic accidents.

James: Do you see Kennedy’s assassination as a special kind of car crash?
Vaughan: A case could be made!

James: It’s all very satisfying. I’m not sure I understand why.
Vaughan: Well, that’s the future, Ballard…and you’re already a part of it. You’re beginning to see that for the first time there’s a benevolent psychopathology that beckons towards us. For example, the car crash is a fertilizing rather than a destructive event. A liberation of sexual energy, mediating the sexuality of those who have died with an intensity that’s impossible in any other form. Now, to experience that, to live that, that is… That’s my project.
James: What about the reshaping of human body by modern technology …..I thought that was your project.
Vaughan: That’s just a crude sci-fi concept. It just kind of floats on the surface and doesn’t threaten anybody.

James: Catherine! Are you all right?
Catherine: James! I don’t know.
James: Are you hurt?
Catherine: I think I’m all right. I think I’m all right.
James: May be the next one darling.
May be the next one.


lozi said...

man am in film o didam. sahney i keh miaan zana ro az machine nejat midan kheyli cheesy bood. :-)

SAM said...

نفهمیدم کدوم صحنه رو میگی! زنه رو یا زنا رو؟ کیا؟
این کلمه ی "چییزی" یعنی چی؟ توی دیکشنری نوشته بود "قشنگ" ! آخه "چییز" کجاش قشنگه؟؟؟

lozi said...

cheesy yani "loos". :)

Anonymous said...

man raajeh be crash e 2004 migoftam. 8-)